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TagsI Am Addicted Eye Brush Set

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The I Am Addicted Eye Set is the set you want to use to create a perfect looking eyebrow and
eyeshadow. The well crafted 6 professional quality eye brushes will be the perfect tools for you to
create and shape a perfect looking, you pick it! Eyeshadow, Eyebrow, or Both?

E101 - Angled Shadow
Soft angled shading brush that is great for applying shadow and highlighter on
the eyes area, such as lid and brow bone.

E103 - Inner Shadow
Apply highlight shades onto the inner corner of the eyes. The tip of the brush
can be used to draw a pointed colored eyeshadow under the crease. This brush can also be used for lip
brushes, to enhance a strong lip liner color.

E201 - Shadow Blender
Use the tip of the brush to apply product directly onto the crease and sweep
through it. The Shadow Blender will give you a blended effect

E202 - Pencil Brush
The tapered sharp tip of this brush can be used to smudge the eyeshadow on the upper
and lower liner of the lash line. The Pencil can also be used to apply eyeshadow color on the inner
corner eyes. This will give you a smoky-eye effect.

E302 - Brow Angled Liner
This is a multifunctional brush that can be used for eyeliners and brow line.
The angled shape is really helpful to create a perfect line for controlled shaping.

E303 - Spoolie
Used for brow and lash grooming. This brush is used as a comb that helps you tidy up
your brow which usually gets messed up after your brow routine


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